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It’s my 8th cakeday, so I’ll do an AMA!

Taking the lead from u/Elementarrrry, I will use this auspicious day to allow any questions to be asked of me. I might not answer all of them (and I have a few meetings today, so I might not answer promptly), but I’ll do my best.

I’ve been on reddit longer than eight years, but prior to an extended backcountry adventure many years ago I relinquished many of my previously-held noms des médias sociaux. When I returned to the world, I reincarnated this username, which can be traced back far into the annals of my social media usage (circa AOL, I believe).

I am a current mod of r/Judaism as well as a dozen other subreddits, a mix of active subs and squatting rights. I was born and raised Conservative, and still identify as such despite finding greater comfort in attending MO congregations from time to time. I currently live in a cabin in the mountains and have always lived rurally, from the East Coast to the SW and places inbetween. I work in environmental conservation. I have familial history with the kibbutz movement. I have participated in every stage of life for animals (including humans), but have a few specific activities I’d still like to accomplish before I leave this place.

My roommates consist of Asparagus (“Gus”) and Cauliflower (“Cauli”).

I’ll answer questions until I stop.

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