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I need some help understanding the recent controversies regarding the black communities in America proclaiming to be the original Israelites. In no way do I mean any disrespect in this post, I genuinely want to understand the situation and gain knowledge on it. When I research the ancestry of african Americans in America their country of origin trace back to primarily west African countries. When looking at a map of Israel it borders the African country of Egypt. My questions and confusions are how can the majority of African Americans align with this ideology if there ancestry does not trace back to the region of Egypt or the Middle East? This is not to say that African Americans or black Jews in America cannot have ancestry from these regions but it seems the black population as a whole in America is trying to band behind this ideology but wouldn’t all have ancestral ties to the region. Again, my apologies if my questions come off as ignorant this is genuinely an attempt to gain more knowledge on these issues

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