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Israeli with a Pakistani girlfriend – is it understandable or is it paranoid/racist that I have a small fear in me that she may one day get closer to Pakistanis and start developing false negative views of Israel?

I’m an Israeli living in Canada, two years ago I met an amazing Pakistani girl. She didn’t have any clue about Israel/Palestine/Arabs and didn’t know that Jews vs Muslims is a thing – she had no preconceived notions about me at all.

She’s very supportive of me and my roots and anything to do with Judaism/Israel (I’m not religous by the way). Today she told me that she may come visit Israel with me soon, and I told her that to me that means a lot because it shows that she really wants to understand and know Israel and shows her acceptance of it. I told her it’s very important for me because I had so many Pakistani and Iranian friends in the past that even though they were good friends of mine they suddenly became very hostile towards Israel/Jews after they started hanging out in more Pakistani or Islamic circles of people. Therefore I constantly have this small fear in me that if she’ll one day want to reconnect with her country or religion she may find herself surrounded by anti Israel propaganda and may start developing very unfavourable and false impressions.

She (understandably) got hurt by that and doesn’t understand how I can “not trust her” after almost 2 years of dating. To be fair she really is wonderdul and has not shown any sign of believing all the nonsense we see everywhere, so that fear is constantly getting smaller, but still there. I know it sounds a bit racist to fear that someone will start hating my country if she wants to get closer to her own, but that is just the truth of what I feel. I personally think it comes from a place of realism and personal experience, but she cannot see that. I’d like to know if you think this is an irrational fear or if other Jews/Israelies also have similar thoughts and can understand me?

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