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Israeli Jews: What are your thoughts on Diaspora Jews, Diaspora Jews: What are your thoughts on Israeli Jews

I am originally Venezuelan Diaspora, now American Diaspora.

Speaking generally of course I have plenty of Israeli friends, and family mainly -though not exclusively- חלוני (hiloni).

I’m curious what the general sense of people here is, and if there is overwhelmingly a feeling of kinship, or otherness between the two groups. Of course feel free to get as nuanced as you want. Also feel free to share where in the diaspora or Israel you are.

If you are Israeli and in the diaspora, I would be fascinated to hear what you feel are some major differences from when you were in IL v.s the diaspora you are in now.

Personally I do feel a kinship and belonging with Israelis, since I should share as well 🙂

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