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Israel/Palestine Megathread #2

The first thread is pretty full, so we’re doing another one as more folks come out of chag. This is the megathread to discuss the events in Israel and Palestine. Share articles and discuss it all here. All standalone posts on the subject will be removed.

r/Israel is still private for the foreseeable future, as they do during such times. The mods are Israeli and are dealing with their real lives first.

All of our rules and guidelines apply here as always. As time goes on we will be more strict about the politics rule, but we understand that this is one of few places for Jews to express themselves on Reddit. Should go without saying, this is about Israel/Palestine. You can kvetch about your own country politics elsewhere.

Please help the mods by reporting comments that violate both sitewide rules as well as our own (see the sidebar). The banhammer is all warmed up now, having had lots of use over the last day.

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