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Is your synagogue green?

Hi everyone! I’m doing some research on the practices of synagogues with green/sustainability initiatives and how they do Shabbat announcements.

I work at a Conservative synagogue and pre-Covid we printed a one-page booklet-style announcement sheet on Shabbat that included lifecycle events we were marking that week, the week’s Torah readers, and upcoming events. We stopped due to Covid and we’d like to bring them back in some way. Part of what we miss about the printed announcements was that people could have it in their laps, talk about an upcoming program and plan to go with the person sitting next to them, and take it with them after the service as a reminder to put it on their calendars. We do announce upcoming events verbally at the end of the service, but I don’t think it has the same impact, as people are antsy to get to lunch.

My question really arises from the fact that we recently launched a green/sustainability initiative, and going back to printed materials could appear counter to the goal of sustainability.

Do any of your synagogues have sustainability platforms, and how do they handle announcements on Shabbat? Do they do paper announcements? Just verbal?

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