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Is this the fast that I ask for?

The central theme of Yom Kippur is atonement – through tzedakah, tefila, and teshuvah – and we can become better versions of ourselves. I have personally been though 15 Yom Kippurs since dealing with harm that I caused. I followed the Maimonides model for teshuvah- I owned my actions, I figured out how and why I strayed from my values, causing harm and I put in place all the necessary changes to behave in ways in which I could be proud. I worked to heal the relationships with people harmed. I asked for forgiveness. I demonstrated how I had changed. I worked to help reduce other harms. And when confronted again with similar circumstances that led to me causing harm, I went down a totally different path —demonstrating that I had grown.

Yet still, people who only know a very small piece of my story may choose to gossip. I’ve learned that lashon hara is bad — even if the words being spread are true. It amazes me when I see people in synagogue on Yom Kippur judging others and gossiping.

Because of what I’ve been through, I think I have a deeper connection to the holiday. It helped create a much better version. Me 2.0. Someone who has much better relationships with family, friends and coworkers. I’m someone who gives back to my community in ways I never would have imagined.

So I guess if you’re going through the effort of observing the rituals of the holiday, perhaps see if you can go even a little bit deeper this year. See the people in your community who have done the work!

I wish you an easy fast. G’mar chatima tova!

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