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Is this Lashon Hara?

So, as a people, is it Lashon Hara for us to do (any of the following):

1.) Talk negatively about J3zus (assuming you believe he existed and not as a deity)?

2.) Talk bad about other Jews who do harm to the Jewish people? Many would say this would be implicitly referencing groups like JVP (Jewish Voices for Peace), among others — some say that 80% of Jews are still in Egypt (that is, assimilated, not recognizing of their Judaism, etc … ).

Just curious!

It’s hard to navigate this as a Zionist when debating other Jews on this matter, as I do not want to risk committing Lashon Hara (against other Jews) in a debate regarding Israel or against Christians referencing J3zus (I do think, IF he existed, he was a cool, religiously radical guy, but not in the form of a higher power).


I am not talking bad about the aforementioned, I go out of my way to be as cordial as possible as it relates to the previously referenced subjects, but I am firm in DEFENDING Israel & Judaism, not allowing one to disparage either – I am not insulting but do not allow either to be negatively discussed, without providing opposition. I am using responses provided to help navigate the subjects, thank you! ❤️

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