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Is this film an accurate portrayal of current practice in Israel?

My local Jewish film festival included a short Israeli film (“One Look from Above”) in which a young woman was visiting the mikveh to become Jewish. In the film, the woman mikvah attendant gave her a light robe to wear in the water. The rabbi watched her immerse in this robe, and then he decided she didn’t do it all properly (not because of the robe, by the way) and had to do it again. At his point, the woman was pissed that he had watched her immerse in her robe and she refused to immerse again. Admittedly, he looked creepy, but she was in a robe.

So I’ve been on the bet din for a number of women’s becoming Jewish immersions at different mikvaot in different cities, and in every case, the woman immerses naked and the men of the bet din stand outside the mikvah but in hearing distance, and only the woman attendant actually observes the immersion and declares “kosher” which the men accept without question. I’m in the US. Does this film accurately depict how they do it in Israel? the woman wears a robe and the men actually watch/leer at her?

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