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Is this cultural appropriation?

I used to be friends with guy but our friendship was always weird and one-sided because it was always me making actual conversation, asking questions, etc, and he never asked me questions about myself. I’m jewish and he knew that because I posted sometimes judaism related stuff. I have been thinking about getting a hebrew tattoo for a year back then but I never felt like I was good enough to get it because I didn’t grow up in a religious household and was also very disconnected from my heritage. I did so much to be in touch with my jewishness and religion but I was constantly doubting myself. He never asked things about judaism so it was a huge surprise to me, when he announced that he was getting a hebrew tattoo with his best friend. None of them knew anything about judaism, as said before and it kind of made me upset that he can just decide, out of nowhere, that he’s getting a hebrew tattoo. Without even knowing what idk Hanukkah or Rosh Hashanah is. Anyway, I didn’t let my feelings show and instead told him that getting the tattoo on a visible body part (his arm) might cause him some trouble because of the country we live in. People might think he’s jewish and hatecrime him or something. And then he said “Do I look like a jew??!”, like he was offended. He is half chinese and he probably thought that jews look a certain way, as if chinese people couldn’t be jewish. This response just made me dislike him even more and after he got the tattoo and showed it to me, I cut contact with him. I didn’t want to call him out because he was already tone deaf when it came to his mild misogyny. The letters looked like they were written by a 5 year old but of course none of those guys were able to tell because, again, they knew nothing about hebrew or jews. This all happened like a year ago and he has been texting me since, every now and then, asking what he did wrong. I started feeling bad I wonder if I was too harsh or if I should’ve done things differently. What do you think? And was this cultural appropriaton

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