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Is this commentary of Rav Gaon of Vilna kosher or not?

I assumed this was kosher at first glance, but then I looked at other things the author, who is also a Rabbi, wrote, like stuff about DMT and the pineal gland… I mean, it doesn’t 100% rule anything out, because one aspect of Kabbalah is indeed expanding one’s consciousness, and supposedly DMT, on 1 level, can expand one’s consciousness, but…… I don’t think I really need to explain more than that…. I’m definitely having doubts about whether to purchase it, and would much appreciate guidance about whether this is the best book in english to learn Rav Gaon of Vilna’s sacred teachings, or if there is a better one? Thank you to anyone who can help and may Hashem provide you many blessings for taking the time to help a stranger with matters of Torah.

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