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Is this antisemitic?

A little context: there was a thread on r/ pics that had neonazis protesting a drag storytime event, so they’ve been doing, and people were being really weird about yknow “listening to both sides” while one side is carrying swastika, which I would think would cross the line on its own but it gets more wild.

Eventually a person posts the poem “first they came” in defence of these neo nazis. Now I think that’s super fucked up, but the mods of the subreddit disagree and think I’m throwing the accusation around because I disagree with them. Which any decent human being should do, but that also doesn’t stop it being antisemitic.

Edit: good news the comment has been removed, another mod must have talked some sense into the mod I was dealing with.

Still banned though and feeling like I was

Anyhow now I’m banned for talking to other people about the fact the comment is still up. But do you guys think I’m getting fucked around by these mods and it is antisemitism?

Pretty sure I just got gaslit. Who’d have thunk we’d be living through a time with nazi sympathizers again huh.

But I appreciate any help, cause I’d like to at least see the mods be made aware of these things and take action. Thanks for you time and I’m sorry if this is inappropriate for this sub.

Edit: Good news the comment is gone along with the rest of their nazi PR. Was up for over 12 hours and my initial reports were clearly ignored. Another mod must’ve come online

I also got accused of twisting their words when I said they either didn’t think it was antisemitism or didn’t care that it was, which lead to this exchange

And was banned for 7 days. The whole “we don’t believe you because you disagree with them” is so gross. At least they figured out one reason I hate nazis eventually.

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