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Is this a myth?

Jewish greed.

It seems like an anti Semitic trope. But then someone posted about it on here, blaming the overpriced goods/services in Israel on “Jewish greed.”

Then I realized that I myself am very frugal—perhaps even what one might call “cheap.” My old goyish roommates were crazy, but they also got angry at me always buying toilet paper from the Dollar Store, reminding them to turn down the heat/AC, keeping the windows closed during winter, and insisting on spending as little as possible. They accused me of being a high-earner and “hoarding resources.” They even busted down my door (off the hinges) and stole my laundry detergent and supplies and told me I should’ve known better. And when a Jewish potential roommate came to tour the place, my goyish roommate told me he didn’t like the Jewish guy because “You can tell he’s rich.”

But Jewish people give a lot to charity, actually. Tzedakah is a big deal. Jews may have some financial success, but Jews also like giving back and helping actual people—particularly the marginalized. People seem to see the worst it seems?

What do you think?

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