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Is there hope for me?

Hey all! So I am a 22 year old man living in Michigan and currently started a 4 year graduate program here. I’ve grown up in Michigan and over the years I have been trying to grow in my Judaism after having a Jewish education until college. Right now I would say I’m around the conservative level where I put on tefilin, keep the basics of kosher, and only turn my phone off for shabbat (most times).

I want to settle in and am looking for a long term relationship. However, I’m having a hard time finding any Jewish girls around here. I know many from school and so far, nothing has worked out. I used all the Jewish dating apps, asked around, and over covid I even attempted to do long distance relationships with girls that are from other states, all leading to them ending it at some point or another. Even when covid gets better, there is not too many Jewish events going on in Detroit. I am physically fit and healthy but would say average looking. I feel at a loss of hope and only thing I can think of is moving to New York once I am 26 and graduated to try to find somebody there. On top of that I don’t want somebody completely reform and unwilling to growing in Judaism. I honestly just don’t know what to do anymore that is in my power to find my soulmate

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