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Is there anything in the Torah or Talmud that indicates that one’s pets might go to heaven with them?

Hi guys,

I hope this isn’t a very dumb question.

I have a puppy boy who is the sweetest, most loyal, trusting, kindest and friendliest dog I could hope for. Honestly, the whole neighborhood knows and likes him. We’ve only had him for a few months, but he’s become a part of the family, and taking care of him makes me feel like I am taking care of a human child.

Is there anything in Jewish theology that might indicate that a dog like him might be in heaven with me when it is my time? I know a dog is not a human being, but I would be lying to say that he doesn’t have a personality, and despite him being an animal, he is as close to a righteous being as I think is possible for a being that isn’t human.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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