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Is there anything from Judaism that could be reasonably used as a plot hook for at least Jewish magical realism (a la what Encanto is to Colombia) if not a Jewish equivalent of Supernatural-esque urban fantasy?

I’m a writer and, in case you can’t tell by the title, I’m interested in writing magical Jewish stories (both because things like Coco and Encanto have made me imagine how I would feel about them if I were the ethnicity they’re about so I want something that makes me feel as seen for being a Jew and because I’m sick and tired of Supernatural-esque urban fantasy always kind of assuming Christianity-default) that isn’t just to do with Hanukkah, golems or dybbuks (nothing wrong with those, it’s just that’s what 90% (and the other 10% isn’t really household names either) of supernatural fiction that acknowledges Judaism is about)

However, when I asked this question on r/jewish they said it’d be hard as Judaism didn’t really deal with the supernatural in the same way but seeing what things like Supernatural and Good Omens can do with Christianity I have faith that there can be Jewish-themed fantasy fiction that isn’t just stuff like “saving Hanukkah”, I just don’t know where to start in creating it

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