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Is there any special way I can thank my orthodox Jewish professor?

I don’t know much about Judaism and I do not follow a specific religion, although I do believe in God. I’m from the south and there are very few Jewish folks in my area, so I don’t have opportunities to ask around. At a time when I really needed it, my Jewish psychology professor gave me some advice and prayed for me/my mom in Hebrew. It meant so much to me and I can’t stop thinking about the synchronous timing that God made clear to me in the moments we shared that day. I prayed the night before for the first time in a long time and God immediately delivered. I told my professor that the timing was so strange and he called it a “numinous experience.” Anyways! I know he’s doing his job and that giving is important to him, so I do not owe him any sort of debt. However, I was wondering if there was any sort of traditional way that I could thank him or show him gratitude. Maybe learn a phrase in Hebrew, or just something to make him laugh? I hope my ignorance is not too cringey. I just want to let him know how much his kindness meant to me without being over the top.

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