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Is there any Jewish doctrine from Torah/Mishna for inner peace?

My perspective (raised British, North London Orthodox) is that the emphasis in Judaism is not reward in this life but reward in the next life.

The best analogy is this story:

I take this to mean that we are not here for the “fish” of the present moment, but to gather the diamonds so that our future reward will be as great as possible.

My problem with this is that it does not really set up a decent framework for dealing with the present. In Buddhism there is only the present moment, and cherishing that, being in it fully. Ram Das distills this in the idea “be here now”. That’s all there is.

It is close to a “this too shall pass” mentality, but that puts the pressure on an indeterminate future, and the present is lost waiting for it to pass.

What is the Jewish equivalent of be here now? What is the Jewish solution to finding peace in the moment?

This list is essentially meaningless waffle –

Generic self help approach which doesn’t really help when someone is in conflict. It is very “wow thanks I’m cured” if someone is depressed or existential. I also don’t see the points being made linked to any strong foundation in the Torah or even specific rabbinic teachings. Saying go out in nature, or to radiate peace isn’t actually that deep or meaningful. It certainly isn’t as simple and straightforward as be here now.

Thanks in advance for the discussion!

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