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Is there an equivalent of Kundalini in Kabbalah?

I have noticed that the vertical line in the middle of the tree of life corresponds to some of the chakras in the mystical system of yoga/tantra. Malchut is associated with the earth just like Muladhara is, Yesod with the moon like Svadhisthana, Tiferet means splendor and Manipura is also associated with splendor as it basically translates to “city of jewels”, Da’at bestows knowledge and depending on how you interpret it, Da’at corresponds with either Vishudda or Ajna and Keter (crown) is basically Sahasrara.

This is quite interesting because in Kabbalah you work your way up from Malchut to Keter, which mirrors the practice in Yoga/Tantra of starting from Muladhara up to Sahasrara. However in the latter system the aspirant eventually awakens an untapped mystical force/energy inside him through his intense practice that is referred to as Kundalini (literally “coiled female serpent”). I wonder if a similar concept exists in Kabbalah?

I think it’s incredible how many similarities exist between these two mystical systems, despite coming from totally unrelated cultures that had no real exchange.

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