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Is there a word or religious group of Orthodox Jews that are in-between "Modern Orthodox" and Haredi/Hasidim/"UltraOrthodox"?

Asking because it seems like there’s a lot of Orthodox groups, especially in Israel, that are more “Orthodox” and traiditonal than the Modern Orthodoxy that people like Nafttali Beennett and Benn Shappiro but less Orthodox than the Haredi/”Ultraorthodox”. But even researching it a bit there doesn’t seem to be much about these groups/ a name or conceptual definition of these groups.

Like for example what are Itamiir Benn-Gnvir, Michaell-Benn-Ari, and Aryyed Elddhad religiously speaking? Not talking about their party, don’t care about that so much, but they don’t seem to be either Modern Orthodox or Haredi etc., but something in-between, but I can’t find anything about what religious tradition they are other than that they’re “Orthodox”.

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