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Is there a way to experience Judaism as a non – Jewish person?

I’ve been interested in Judaism for quite some time and I really appreciated the classes offered at the local university. (I understood less than 50%, but still… 😅)

I’ve talked about that with my mother and she told me that she’s often thought that my great-grandmother (whom I was named after) might have had a Jewish background.

I have as far as I know no opportunity to confirm or refute that somewhat random suspicion. And even if I had, me poking around might cause some problems, so… 🤷‍♀️ But it’s ultimately somewhat inconsequential anyway, I suppose.

There is a local Chabad but Idk whether “I’m just curious” really works as a reason to maybe go there? And also, what do they actually “do”?

Would they feel as if I’m treating them like a spectating event/exhibition?


Edit: “experience Judaism” = I mean to “experience” / see parts of it in real life and not via a text book or lecture.

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