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Is there a sect of judaism that believes what I do?

I was raised reform, but since undergoing a sort of religious awakening a few years ago, I’ve slowly but surely developed my own sort of philosophy on judaism. Much of this has cause me to be someone disillusioned with much of Reform doctrine.

I definitely believe that the torah is the actual word of Hashem transcribed by Moses on Mt. Sinai, and that we ought to follow it as Jews. I also come to believe that all of the Mitzvot, having been written by Hashem, is intrinsically correct and we should follow them.

But I also believe that, as human beings, we are imperfect, and that often are unable to complete many of the mitzvot for various personal, situational, or societal reasons.

I also think that Hashem, being all knowing, is fully aware of human imperfections, and doesn’t expect perfection out of all of us, but he does expect us to try our best at completing all of his mitzvot, and even with ones that we can’t, accept that they are correct. And I think that the more mitzvot you regularly complete, the stronger your relationship is with Hashem.

Is there any Jewish sect that holds this belief?

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