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Is there a place for me within Judaism? Would a reform temple being a good fit for me?

I’m about 30 years old, married & no kids. My mothers side is Jewish but the last person to actually practice was my great grandmother. I have never been to a church or a temple for worship in my whole life. I would consider myself an atheist, I don’t really think there’s a god out there or anything else supernatural… I am ethnically Jewish though, I took a 23andme test & there’s a ton of Ashkenazi Jew in there. Anyways, I’m about to finally be able to stop moving around every few years (military) and settle down in a community & buy a house and I’ve been flirting with the idea of trying out being a real Jew…

I’m really no down with what I know of the Orthodox way of life / thinking… I’m not willing to go to a temple that makes men and women sit separately, that condemns homosexuality, etc… Those are hard rule breakers for me & I just won’t support it. I don’t want to wear the tassels or have to grow my beard out, I’m not trying to do these 100 things every day… If I were to become more Jewish I’d like it to kind of add to my life & not kind of segregate or alienate me from broader society. I’m also really not down with a lot of what is going on in Israel… I’m very anti-war & anti violence… I don’t agree with a lot of the politics that are happening over there.

So I guess that leaves me with reform? I guess what I’m looking for is a sense of community, a sense of belonging to a culture/people, some wisdom/lessons that I’m sure Judaism does have to offer, etc. Am I just wanting something out of Judaism that doesn’t exist? Are there reform temples that would be good for me?

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