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Is there a name for someone who practices Kabbalah, but not “traditional” Judaism?

Hello everyone 🙂

I was hoping to get a little more insight on this subreddit, perhaps there are some of you with a similar situation. I was raised Jewish by both sides of my family, but with the mystical tradition opposed to the “traditional” (I’m not sure how to call it) tradition.

It is a little confusing for me when people ask me about my religion, as I do consider myself culturally Jewish (it is an incredibly important part of my culture and history), but my heart is not traditionally, nor reformly, nor secularly Jewish. These forms or Judaism feel completely foreign to me, as if another religion entirely. The Kabbalah I grew up with and believe has more in common with Christian Kabbalism, Vajrayana, Masonry and Sufisism than these forms of Judaism.

For example, Jewish holidays are sacred to me as rituals of connection and enlightenment. I deeply believe in the stories of the Torah, not as history, but a way of understanding the laws of life and creation that encompasses and are within us. I don’t believe in the Halakha. I speak Hebrew and Ladino. I grew up meditating as a form of introspection of the 4 worlds. I barely ever went to a Synagogue in my life. I grew up never touching a piece of meat in my life etc…

It is confusing as I do consider myself and my family traditional, yet in a mystical tradition. I’m not sure it makes sense. I truly do believe in G- with all my heart, and what I believe in is all in the Kabbalah – just not in any form of Judaism I see. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a word for this, or believe similarly.

תודה רבה רבה 🙂

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