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Is there a good book/resource for Jews who are not very observant and spiritual, but want to become more observant and connected with their faith?

I was raised slightly observant (e.g., mostly kosher; wasn’t shomer shabbat but still had shabbat dinners and prayers every Friday; observed most major holidays; Jewish summer camp, etc.)

I fell out of it later in life and spent most of my late teens and nearly all of my twenties being non-observant. Recent events have wanted me to connect more with my faith. I have a much stronger appreciation for Judaism culturally and in regard to the benefits it provides to the family and society than my angsty past, but I still feel a disconnect spiritually. While I certainly believe in a creator, it’s hard for me to believe in a Jewish creator. Because of this, I’ve found it difficult to want to follow many of the rules despite this growing appreciation for Judaism.

I want to foster a deeper appreciation of my faith, spiritually and philosophically, and I think this will also lead to a stronger desire to be more observant.

Does anyone have any books or resources they can recommend to me? Thank you.

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