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Is there a backup plan in Judaism if Jews are wrong about something? I’m Just concerned.

How is everyone? Just thought to make 1 more post then I’m going to take some rest, interestingly, it is the sabbath. Basically, my core belief is Judaism. But my biggest fear though is simply being wrong about the Messiah if I were to start Judaism, this is just how I feel. What if Christianity is wrong, etc. Or what if there is no Messiah? I do have OCD so, my mind does tend to worry. This is just based on my investigation. I already know Christianity is wrong about the sabbath being on Sunday. If I don’t deny the Messiah but I also don’t accept him either then where would I go? I’m basically in the middle at the moment as it depends on God in my opinion. There is one thing we have to remind ourselves that the God we believe in is gentle but also very powerful when he takes action looking at history. This is how Jews left Egypt. I think this is why you wear a Kippah to remind you about God being over us. Just my thoughts. I do see Jews as God’s chosen people. I guess I can say, I simply don’t have an opinion about the messiah. Maybe I fear God?

I guess my question here is, would Judaism be prepared to change if they are wrong about something? Has it made changes before? I personally don’t mind denying him as the Messiah especially as we are in modern times. but just want to be sure if Judaism are able to adapt to any changes? This might help me feel a little more comfortable in the religion. I think this depends on the person. I still believe in most of its holidays, history, etc. Even if I don’t join the religion would it be ok to practice it outside of Judaism? I technically don’t call myself as a Christian as I believe in most of Judaism according to my own investigation and belief. I am trying to show love for the religion as I am a positive person. I also don’t want to cause an argument either.

Just curious on your thoughts? This is probably a question for Rabbi’s. Hopefully the above makes sense. Thanks in advance. ❤

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