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Is the word ‘Aryan’ supposed to be offensive to Jews?

I don’t really have any Jewish friends, so I’m hoping you guys on here can help me. I was on 4chan (I know, I know, it’s a bad habit, but I like the 40K and anime board) and someone was posting this on there:

The Four Aryan Truths

  1. Suffering is an innate characteristic of existence.

  2. Craving is the root cause of suffering.

  3. Ending suffering can be attained by ending craving.

  4. There is a path to ending craving and suffering.

There were also swastikas in the post, but I removed those for obvious reasons. So I get that this is actually ‘The Four Noble Truth’ from Buddhism (someone explained in a comment), but are they trying to exclude Jews and non-whites from Buddhism? Furthermore, I looked up the guy in the first link and apparently he’s a Jew, so I’m looking for some explanation of what is implied.

Any help is appreciated!

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