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Is the Messiah one person?

I’ve always found it hard to believe that one super special individual will come along and fix everything. It just seems unrealistic to me that a single person could bring about eternal global peace. It’s not dialectical.

Perhaps the Messiah isn’t meant to be dialectical, but I’ve come to another thought. What if the Messiah isn’t a literal person, but more like a role model (sort of like “Gallant” of “Goofus and Gallant”)? What if the Messiah is something that we are all supposed to try to be, not literally transforming into a super entity, but acting as they would? I know there is specific language in Tanakh that makes it sound like a singular individual, but what if that was meant to further the romanticized tone of the subject? We have plenty of instances of the Tanakh using special phrasing like perfect future tense to convey its message more strongly. To draw a comparison, Elvis’ song “In The Ghetto” is written so it sounds like it’s being sung about a very specific individual, but the point of the song is it is meant to be applicable to a lot of people.

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