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Is selling the faith a thing in Judaism?

Faith in the western world is always a big deal, honestly I don’t like the idea of profiting with the spirituality, because I seek the spirituality in order to forget the materialism, I see the money and capital as a way to enslave people, that’s why I quitted Christianity, because everything in the Christian religion is about money and like “obey this and you gonna have more money”

I feel pissed because I just want to learn about spirituality and improve my knowledge, I already work and study in order to grow financially, I don’t want the spirituality for this and I don’t want to see people making business with faith in tired of this.

So, I’d like to know if this Christian stuff about making commerce with the faith is a thing or not in the Judaism, and I ask that because there is a Rabbi (two Rabbis actually) selling a lot of stuffs and requesting a lot of money to teach, I feels like Judaism is more a business for them than a matter of faith, and if he is interested in the money why should I believe he is talking the truth or just manipulating me in order to be more rich just like Christian Pastors.

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