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Is my synagogue more C/conservative than most Reform synagogues?

I attend the only synagogue in a college town with a small Jewish population. The synagogue is a member of URJ, and the rabbi was ordained through URJ but grew up Orthodox. The synagogue advertises itself as being both Reform and there to serve Jews of all movements, given the small town. I’ll possibly be moving soon and have been looking at synagogues/watching online services from synagogues in other places, and our services seem different from many other Reform synagogues–we have no/very, very minimal instruments in music, the majority of the service is in Hebrew with some English mixed in, food is kosher, men wear kippot and talliat, etc. When I was learning about some of the initial changes to services made by Reform Judaism, I was surprised, as they weren’t really things I had seen in my synagogue, but they are things I’m seeing in some of the Reform synagogues in other locations. Is my Reform synagogue somewhere between Reform and Conservative in our practices, or am I just happening to look at “very” Reform synagogues elsewhere?


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