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Is My Plague Doctor Doll Antisemitic?

Hello all! I’m a non-Jewish atheist with several Jewish friends.

I have a stuffed plague doctor doll that looks like this,

One of my Jewish friends asked me to put the doll away when he comes to visit because he thinks it looks like an antisemitic characture of a Rabbi. Obviously, I love and respect my friend and want him to be comfortable at my place, so I put the doll away without comment, beyond apologizing and stating I didn’t realize it was offensive. I will continue to respect his wishes regardless.

So, my question is should I just get rid of the doll because it would appear antisemitic to anyone? I know that the history of plague doctors is it’s own thing, but if the popular image is too close to antisemitic stereotypes, I don’t want to cause offense or make anyone uncomfortable.

So, what do you think? Should the doll go or should this be a case by case thing depending on the feelings of my friends? My friends are more important to me than a stupid toy, so I’m leaning toward getting rid of it.

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