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Is Melamed An Ashkenazi Surname?

Let’s start with that, my family is Bulgarian Jewish on both sides. As you may or may not know the majority of Bulgarian jews are sephardi. But, before the sephardis flooded the country after the expulsion in 1492 there were mostly Ashkenazi (and some romaniote) communities there. Even read on Wikipedia that when a traveler (from Italy I think) visited Sofia or maybe it was some other district of Bulgaria, he wrote documents of his travels and he specifically wrote that it wasn’t uncommon hearing Yiddish in the streets.

Due to the amount of sephardic jews fleeing to Bulgaria the other Jewish communities just sort of “merged” together.

Edit: also after the 16th century till the 20th century some Ashkenazi jews used to migrate to Bulgaria because the ottomans who ruled the land at the time used to be kinder to jews.

I really wanted to know the origin of this surname, and all of the people that I saw on Google who had this name were (other than some Bulgarian jews) mostly litvaks (Lithuanian jews), polish jews, and Russian jews which are all Ashkenazi. Plus as far as I know the “Melamed” who was teaching the little kids Torah and these stuff were called that specifically in the Ashkenazi “Cheyder” and not in any other Jewish community which wasn’t Ashkenazi.

When My mother thought about it, she did remember that before her Melamed side of the family moved to Sofia, they used to live in the northern part of Bulgaria pelretty close to the border with Romania and that if someone would migrate from eastern or Central Europe it would probably be from this part of Bulgaria where they used to live.

It’s really interesting and It’d be nice if you could share your opinion/knowledge if you have any about this subject.


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