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Is Kabbalah a form of pantheism?

Pantheists believe the universe is God or a manifestation of God. So, if you believe you are part of the universe and God is the universe then you would be part of God, not identical to God. As in the universe is a manifestation of a deity that has existed since the beginning of time and is still expanding/being created.

Judaism and specifically Kabbalah seem to lend that view, as well. Especially compared to other Abrahamic religions which seem to identify God as certain beings or individuals. While studying at Yeshivah in Israel (briefly), I sort of gained the understanding that “in the image of God” refers to the universe being made as a manifestation of God, almost in a mirror like way. Also that the nefesh elokit (one of two parts of the soul in a Jew) is a “part of God” (as described by Job). So following this, is Kabbalah a form of pantheism?

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