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Is Jewish success related to the teachings in the Tanakh?

First of all I’m really sorry if this comes across as shallow and disrespectful. This isn’t my intention at all.

I’m not a religious person, though I used to be. I’ve explored several religions but I didn’t find any compelling enough. However after looking into Judaism I’ve come to me really amazed and inspired by Jewish success in work and business. I came across a Rabbi called Daniel Lapin online who teaches to non-Jews about the Jewish mindset and approach towards work, business and wealth that has been a contributory factor to their success but that’s only one source and I’d like to know if there could be valuable insight within the Tanakh (which to my understanding is what the Christians call the Old Testament? Please correct me if I am wrong).

What I’ve learned from Rabbi Daniel Lapin has helped me immensely and helped me shift my mindset in a positive way so that I relate to my work and the idea of wealth in a much better way than I used to. After having studied many other religions and their negative attitude towards wealth my life was starting to suffer from such a passive and negative mindset. Until I started to realise that working towards the material goals is not on its own a bad thing and any success has helped me and the happiness of those around me immensely and I’d like to improve on this.

So I guess my question is will reading the Jewish texts with this kind of mindset be helpful at all? Will I learn anything from it, from the stories? I sincerely enjoy the study of religions either way, but my time is becoming limited and I’d like to have a text where I can go for guidance from time to time. On matter of God I am agnostic, sometimes I think there may be one and sometimes I don’t. But having been previously religious I feel the lack of a place where I can go to for guidance on different matters in my life.

I completely realise Judaism and the texts are about much more than this and I’m certainly also very keen to learn about that too. I respect spirituality and the need for it in our lives.

I hope this makes sense. I’m very sorry if this is coming across in a disrespectful way, if so please let me know and I’d delete this post. I mean to show absolutely no disrespect towards the Jewish faith.

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