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Is Jakob with a "k" a good boys’ name?

I saw this spelling recently, and wondered whether the change of the letter “c” to “k” is significant, and if it would still make a good boys’ name to spell it this way, or not?

For a girl’s name, I am wondering about Dany with a “y,” or maybe “Danielle.” But I am not well versed on the symbolic meaning of the different letters so I’m asking. I definitely have interest in that subject though, if anyone wants to give me a free lesson! 😀

Well I mean, there are already good lessons available for free online on the meaning of each letter, however, what would be helpful is some more examples of how the meaning of different names change when you substitute one letter for another. Some people say they are visual learners, or verbal learners, well I am probably an “examples” learner!

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