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Is it worth telling rabbi about my job hunt struggles and related depression? Losing hope…

I realize I’m posting during shabbat, but this situation is kinda an emergency.

I’ve been struggling to find a job during this pandemic. I asked my rabbi a few weeks ago if he knew of any leads, and all he said was “I’ll let you know!” or something. Seemed like maybe just lip service.

I still haven’t been able to find anything. A friend at shul once said in passing that we should ask the rabbi for help with maybe getting my need onto a shul job board, but nothing has been done. My friend is not a bad person or anything, but they’re about 30-50 years older than me, secure in their finances, and just ask me “how’s your job search?” And when I tell them that I haven’t found anything, they go “Oh…” Nice of them to ask, to be sure, but I wish they knew how to help. Not their fault, I guess.

I’m reaching the end of my hope here and don’t feel like I can take not finding a job anymore. Is there any way for me to ask my rabbi for help and actually have him help me? I almost feel like giving up and like my days might thus be numbered if I can’t find a job. I have responsibilities at shul and never feel like I can bring my joyous self to work nor services. I live in my car, and I keep my camera off during services because obviously I don’t want anyone to see that nor how I’m dressed. The friend mentioned earlier always kinda pesters me about turning my camera on, because they want to see everyone’s faces…and it is just a huge bother at the moment.

I’m so frustrated and losing hope quickly. I think I may be close to done. Is it worth contacting my rabbi? If so, what in my story should I communicate?

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