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Is it weird to participate in the Angel Tree program?

Hi everyone! My workplace is hosting an Angel Tree this year and I was wondering if it would be weird to participate as a Jew? The Angel Tree program, from what I understand, allows families with children of incarcerated parents to submit ages, likes, dislikes, Christmas wishes, etc of the children to the organization and different places host a tree with different children’s information. People can then select an “Angel” (child) from the tree and purchase gifts for them based on the info and preferences provided.

I’m very lucky to live comfortably and have money to share so I was considering picking an angel this year so I can help a child have a nice Christmas. I don’t personally mind donating to a Christian-based organization (I already give to many Jewish ones) but I don’t know if it would be inappropriate of me to pick an angel.

Any input would be appreciated, thank you!

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