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Is it too old to have a Bat Mitzvah in your 40’s?

So, my mother isn’t Jewish, my father is, but I didn’t know my mom’s family very well at all (like I really don’t know them — her father, she never met, and she hasn’t seen her mother in 15 years) and grew up with my dad’s family, who were all Orthodox (not Ultra Orthodox; for a while, they were Reform but over time became more Orthodox again, like their parents). My father however is secular.

But he was raised Jewish and bar mitzvahed my brothers. He never offered to bat mitzvah me, and I don’t know why, although I learned the Hebrew alphabet on my own out of interest, celebrate some Holidays, speak a bit of Yiddish, and read Tanakh. My mother is an atheist. They have been divorced since I was a kid.

I always thought I was basically an Atheist until delving more deeply into family history and seeing who I was and where I came from. At this point, I feel strongly that I should have a bat mitzvah.

However, I’m in my mid 40’s. Also, I would want the right synagogue, and I live in rural California; the only synagogue here is Reform, basically, and not quite what I am looking for, or maybe it is and I just don’t know it?

I want a bat mitzvah so people will recognize me for a Jew, as I am, plain and simple. I don’t feel comfortable being mistaken for otherwise.

Would it make sense to try to find a synagogue and have a bat mitzvah at my age? Thanks sincerely for your thoughts, and as this is my first time posting here, I hope I have broken no rules.

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