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Is it stupid to feel like you are a Jew if you are frequently mistaken as a Jew by people?

I know I am not Jewish but I think without even intending to, my brain kind of absorbed this false identity after being mistaken as a Jew countless times, and even harassed because they think I’m a Jew. I guess it’s like if you are blue, but people keep thinking that you’re purple, your brain eventually goes “ok I guess I’m purple”.

Another question I have is: is the Jewish God in anyway behind this, because it feels like he is doing this to me as a twisted joke. Or maybe I’m supposed to learn something from it. But all I mostly learned is that many people are stupid and judge others according to stereotypes.

I feel like I should also worry about setting a good image for Jews, if people are gonna mistake me as one and there is apparently not much I can do to change that, other than maybe wear a Christmas sweater and Santa hat year round, and maybe a very large tacky cross necklace with blinking lights, idk

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