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Is it rude to give a stranger a new mezuzah case?

Hello all. I am not Jewish, but I have a lot of respect for Jewish people and Judaism as a religion, so I don’t want to offend or accidentally overstep.

I live in a large co-op building. Many people on my floor have mezuzahs on their doorframes. Because I work odd hours, I rarely see my neighbors coming and going, so if I’ve met these particular neighbors, I didn’t realize who they were. So I do not know these people at all. However, someone down the hall from me has what looks to me like a damaged mezuzah case on their doorframe. I noticed it because their door is right across from the elevator I take daily.

Because this is a season of giving and of community, I’ve been considering purchasing a new case, wrapping it up and leaving it at their door (with a card and my unit number, so it hopefully feels less..alarming? Weird?). My biggest hangup is that I worry a mezuzah is something that may be too personal to want to receive from a stranger, or that it may just be straight up rude to deliver something like this. Maybe as a non-Jewish person I should just mind my business and I am okay with that! Basically I’m not Jewish and worried I’d be majorly crossing a boundary out of well-intended ignorance. Of course the last thing I’d want to do with this gesture is hurt, embarrass, or even just creep out my neighbors 😭

Is this a rude gesture? Is it best to mind my business and let it be? If not, are there any particular rules or guidelines I should keep in mind while purchasing a mezuzah case?

And if this is a terrible question or not the place for this I am so sorry and will delete immediately 😅

EDIT: The one they have currently has the scroll exposed and it looked rather large (the mezuzah is about twice the size of our other neighbors’ which is part of why it was so noticeable when it was damaged). Is it best to purchase a new scroll to go with the case, or best to get a larger case so they can keep their current scroll?

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