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Is it really a thing that a parent can take on the sins/transgressions of their children?

Okay so I’m doing a project of sorts, and I’m writing something, and the subject of sin and parents and children came up. I’m Jewish by my mother with very limited to almost no Jewish teaching. From what I was taught, it was that in Judaism it is completely possible for a parent to willingly take on the sins of their kids, according to my mother there’s evidence of that from the incident with Rebekah that she took on any sin or transgression for the blessing mix up. And apparently it was a thing to other older Jews who were parents in my family.

I have no rabbi to ask, I’m no where near any community and was never part of one, I tried researching this and can’t find much. My question is, is that a widespread thing among Jews? Is this wrong? Was my family just weird on this? Thank you for taking the time to read.

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