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Is it possible to go through an orthodox conversion while living in a non-kosher home?

Hello! I’ve been contemplating conversion for a long time, but I thought it would be impossible as long as I lived with my parents. I’m 21 years old, but I’m still quite far from moving to a home of my own.

Since I’m vegetarian, I already don’t eat pork or seafood, but my family does. That being said, keeping the food I eat and the dishes I use in a kosher level of cleanliness would be impossible. Keeping Shabbat would also be hard, but that’s something I could work to achieve here.

Even though I currently live close to an orthodox synagogue, there are very few other synagogues (let alone orthodox ones) in the region. That’s going to be a whole another challenge to face once I’m able to move from my parents home.

Is it possible to begin conversion under the circumstances I’m in? Or should I wait more time (years) until I’m finally independent? Thanks in advance!

Ps.: My family isn’t religious, but my father will likely be upset about my choice since he has prejudice against religious people. I’m already getting stressed about the possible pushback I’ll get.

Ps. 2: This is a repost, I’m sorry. I know reposts are against the rules, but I tried to post this yesterday and something must have gone wrong because nobody could see my question.

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