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Is it OK to invite a jew to a birthday party?

Gentile here.

Basically, my friends’ birthday is coming and we (her friends) will most likely be celebrating it with a surprise party. We want to invite a Jewish friend of hers that none of us know personally. I’ve heard contradicting views on whether it would be seen as offensive to invite a jew to a party like that. Some say it’s OK and that jews celebrate birthdays, some say that jews don’t celebrate birthdays but it’s OK to invite, some say that jews don’t celebrate birthdays and that it’s offensive to invite them because birthdays are a christian thing, etc. We would be careful in order to make sure that there are options for eating/drinking that do not transgress jewish laws, but, while I may try if needed, I don’t think I can convince the rest to not have hot dogs (which are very common in brazilian birthday parties).

None of the people invited believe in Jesus, but we all grew up in Christian families; so, while I believe there is no imminent moral/physical threat in this situation, I would understand why someone would disagree.

All answers are very welcome and I thank you fall for even reading this, but, if someone here is a brazilian jew, your answer would be specially helpful.

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