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Is it normal for family to oppose relationship?

Hey! I’m really sorry if this is not the right time or place to ask among all the world news but I would really appreciate some first hand information. So I’ve been talking to a Jewish man for some time now and we really like eachother but he recently said that his family would be against us dating because of their faith and he doesn’t wanna upset them. I honestly don’t know too much about Judaism (I’m definitely willing to learn) but google said that most Jews aren’t against interfaith marriage so I asked him if it’s just an excuse to blow me off but he strongly insists that that’s not the case, I have not met his family yet but from what i’ve heard they seem like completely normal and really fun people. For context I’m Turkish/Azerbaijani Female I’m in my early 20s while he is a year younger than me and we both live in Europe. I would really appreciate any sort of input or information. Thank you and have a nice day.

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