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Is it normal for a non-Jew to have such DNA results?

I know you guys hate all the “2% Ashkenazi” posts but this isn’t it lol. I’m currently doing orthodox giyur and I took a dna test for fun, only to find out that I’m 14,6% Ethiopian Jewish, 13% Mizrahi and 4% Ashkenazi. These are my highest percentages, along with 27% middle eastern and 19% North African. (I am originally from the Middle East). My question is, is this normal for a non Jew? Or would that mean that I have significant and not so long ago Jewish heritage? Maybe even there’s a chance I could be Jewish according to Halacha?

EDIT: I think I might have worded the question wrong, I’m not asking if my DNA results make me Jewish, I’m asking if this is a significant amount of Jewish DNA that might indicate that I have some strong Jewish ancestry, or if this amount of Jewish dna is normal for a non Jew. I am not from the US, I am originally Arab but I currently live in Europe.

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