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Is it forbidden to me (a Noahide) to visit my dad because of his girlfriend’s idols?

TLDR: Fairly new Ben Noach trying to understand if it’s prohibited to visit my Хtian dad whose girlfriend has a corner with physical Хtian idols + two less complex questions about how to avoid idolatry

I became a Ben Noach about four months ago after I realized that Xtianity is completely false, and soon after, I realized that it’s fully idolatrous as well. Because of the complexity of the rules against idolatry, I don’t know how to apply them to certain situations yet, so I’m asking about this one:

My parents are divorced, and my dad lives with his new girlfriend now. My dad doesn’t have physical idols, but he believes in the “Тr**іtу”. His girlfriend does have physical idols (the kind that they call “ісоns” – pictures Маrу and a former Роре, and there might be more. She has them in a closet with a glass door, and some on top of that closet, like a 14 cm-ish statue of Маrу. So is it forbidden for me to visit my dad because of these idols? The closet is in their living room-dining room-kitchen (one room). How far near it am I allowed to go? Maimonides’s prohibition against entering an idolater’s house obviously means that one can’t enter a churсh or other places dedicated to idol worship, but what about this situation where the idols are in someone’s house?

And my dad’s girlfriend has wooden crossеs in a guest room. Would I be allowed to sleep there if I take the cross off and put it into another room for the time of my stay?

What about the mitzvah “you are not to consent, and you are not to listen to him; and you must not pity him or spare him; and you may not conceal him.”? Because other Bnei Noach are in full contact with their family, this can’t mean that I should lessen contact with my dad, right?

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