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Is it disrespectful for a goy to take the name "Ezra"?


I’m a nonbinary goy and I’m looking to change my middle name, as it’s very feminine and gives me dysphoria. One of the names that I’m considering is Ezra. It fits with my first name well and I like the way it feels in terms of my gender. I’m aware that this is probably a bit silly and that this subreddit isn’t totally representative of the entire Jewish community (of course!), but I wanted to seek some opinions. Thanks very much!

Edit: I did some pre-reading to see if it was okay to ask questions here before and most of the sub seemed in favor of it, but I just saw “To… ask… r/judaism, please go to r/metajudaism” so if I’m in the wrong place, my apologies!

Edit 2: I have similar feelings about the name Ezekiel, not sure if it would make a difference but same question there!

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