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is it considered bad to get more religious for the wrong reasons?

say someone secular pushes themselves to try and get more religious. but they’re only doing so because they think it’ll help them be get more successful, get married, give them recovery from an illness, just generally have a less crappy life, etc. basically a “i’ll scratch g-d’s back and hope he’ll scratch mine” mentality.

suppose that person feels zero joy from the mitzvot – prayer, shabbat, keeping kosher, etc. maybe they admit they are “correct” or “ideal” things to do. but in all honesty, they just see it all as a tremendous burden and an exhaustive torturous experience. they’d much prefer spending their free time on things they actually enjoy but they try and stick with the religious stuff cause they’re convinced it’ll help them.

is such motivation considered bad and is such a person making a total mockery out of the religion? i know all mitzvahs count but is a poor quality service of g-d with zero joy and for the wrong reasons really worth anything? it’s basically just a shallow transaction at that point and the whole thing seems to be cheapened and ingenuine. but maybe i’m wrong?

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