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Is it alright to practice Judaism that way?

Judaism has always resonated with me. For years I’ve been fascinated by its teachings, rituals, practices and way of life. I am semi fluent in Hebrew, pray many times daily, have a version of the Torah in my own handwriting and structure my entire life around the Mitzvahs. The issue is that I wasn’t born into a Jewish family. (My dad shares his surname with a well known Jewish person but that’s it) I live in a secluded Swedish village where the next Synagoge is over 100km away and due to my financial situation as a student barely making ends meet I can’t afford traveling. Is in a modern sense a formal conversion necessary to be a Jew or can anyone be a Jew who feels like one? My faith in Hashem has guided me so far in my life. I’d be devastated to know that I’ll never be part of a community i feel so close to spiritually, but I understand that in the end it’s up to the community to accept its members.

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