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Is God of Abrahamic religions based on some Canaanite gods?

Sorry for using the word “God”, I do not follow Judaism. Basically a claim I saw by many skeptics, atheists, anti-theists yada yada is that God of Judaism was based on some War-God and that he was some national God, and how the Jews worshiped other gods, and how he was based on some El god, the “most high God” for Canaanites,but eventually Jews got into strict monitheism yada yada. It hit my faith really hard. Here is something I copied from some website:

“Yahweh possibly develops from Canaanite god of metallurgy during the Bronze Age. Yahweh develops as state god of the Kingdom of Israel and the later Kingdom of Judah. The Second Temple Period; Judaism is revised, scriptures canonized, Yahweh becomes sole deity, monotheism established.” Can anyone refute these claims??

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